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The Power of Communication: Unveiling the Secrets to our Large Scale Barista Experience Workshops

Coffee is undeniably the heart and soul of our workshops, acting as a medium and catalyst for bringing people together and fostering meaningful connections. But if there's one crucial element that takes centre stage in ensuring the success of our large scale team bonding workshops, it's communication. Why? Well, let us share our secret!

Large Scale Barista Experience Workshop Format

Our large scale workshop comprises three main stations to help participants bond and grow together while also gaining new knowledge that can benefit them in their everyday lives:

  1. Coffee Knowledge - Learning to make better coffee decisions

  2. Hands-On Coffee Crafting - Crafting a Coffee with Latte Art

  3. Coffee Tasting - Mindful Tasting & learning how to make effective decisions

Creating Amazing Coffee Experiences together, through Coffee

One of the highlights of our programme is the Coffee Crafting segment. During this activity, participants embark on an exciting journey of…crafting a Cafe Latte together! This hands-on experience involves mastering the technicalities of Espresso Extraction and Milk Frothing. In this experience, our participants have to work together and guide each other closely to get a yummy cup of coffee. Through good communication and collaboration between two pairs of hands and minds, we see magic truly happening!

After putting in their hard work, team members are rewarded when they see their heart shaped Latte Art! This shared achievement becomes a cause for celebration, fostering a newfound connection and strong rapport among participants in our workshops.

Enhancing Effective Team Communications

Building familiarity and rapport among our participants is a crucial step towards a successful workshop. But the question remains: How do we communicate well and effectively? The answer lies in our Coffee Knowledge and Coffee Tasting segments!

We drink coffee... but are we really tasting it?

Our Coffee Tasting Module strives to cultivate an appreciation for the subtleties and nuances in flavours. Ever wondered why you can identify fruity or floral notes in your coffee? Team members can work together to identify flavours, share insights, and collectively analyse their findings. This collaborative approach and attention to detail encourages them to communicate with precision.

Through our Knowledge Sharing segment, participants not only gain a deeper understanding of the world of coffee but also develop a better understanding of themselves. They learn to make informed coffee decisions, ranging from identifying the types of caffeine-filled beverages for staying awake to learning the importance of sustainably and ethically-sourced coffee.

This holistic approach to coffee education allows participants to be well-informed while also fostering a shared sense of responsibility towards sustainability in this industry! By integrating Coffee Knowledge and Mindfulness into our workshops, we create an environment that nurtures effective communication.

Educator-Client Communications

From the pre-workshop coordination, to the set-up and tear down on the actual day, TCR Academy is the All-In-One Large Scale Corporate Coffee Team Bonding solutions provider.

Planning a large scale workshop is no easy feat, but with our dedicated and professional team of educators, our clients’ can rest assured that their specific requirements will be met with precision. While we place emphasis on facilitating team communication during our workshops, what precedes is the successful communication with our clients. We always aim to create a strong client-provider relationship that is based on trust, reliability, and convenience. Therefore, we consistently strive to understand our clients’ specific needs and provide personalised experiences that meet their objectives and budget.

Experience our workshop firsthand! Click here to find out more and to book your team’s large-scale workshop!

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