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At a young age of 20 years old, Swee Heng founded The Coffee Roaster (TCR), with the first coffee outlet in International Plaza. Swee Heng went through the school of hard knocks to learn tough lessons in business and in life.


A decade into this journey, he has overcome adverse circumstances to establish TCR Café, a high-volume café in NUS, and TCR Academy, a leading coffee academy in Singapore.


Today, Swee Heng is a strong advocate of youth entrepreneurship. He also provides business coaching to help turn his students’ passions into profits.


It is his personal goal to leverage his experience to grow the youths of today into a forward-looking, resilient generation capable of critical thinking.


You can now engage Swee Heng to share his story and life lessons with your students. Here are several themes that he has been passionately sharing.

The TCR Story

Unfazed by the challenges of our first outlet in International Plaza, TCR Café pivoted by relocating to our current location in NUS. Subsequently, we expanded to unchartered territories, with our foray into coffee education and evolving to become a leading coffee academy in Singapore. We also bounced back from significant setbacks, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hear the TCR Story from Swee Heng on how he transformed the company and the valuable lessons learnt along the way!

Youth Entrepreneurship 101

Sow the seeds of entrepreneurship in your students with Youth Entrepreneurship 101 – a crash course on starting a business.

Adapted from Lean Methodology, Swee Heng shares his well-known $50 startup concept to inspire youths to take actionable steps towards their goals even with minimal resources available.


Swee Heng also presents a broad overview of key ingredients needed for a valid business idea, including Problem Statements, Unique Selling Proposition and Marketing Channels.

Circle of Colored Pencils Slanted



How does it feel like when an airplane loses both of its engines? That was TCR’s predicament during the COVID-19 downturn, when both cafés and academy were badly hit.

Find out how Swee Heng led TCR through this dark period, positioned the company for the future and how the company emerged stronger.


He will also be sharing methods to build resilience, manage intense emotions and practise active mental reframing.

speaking engagements

Opening Speaker of

SME Biz-Innovation Summit 2017

Swee Heng shared the TCR Story to 500 industry attendees, as well as the Top 3 business insights he has gained as a young entrepreneur in his 20s

SME Biz-Innovation Summit.jpg

Sharing of The TCR Story with international guests from UAE and Oman

Youth Entrepreneurship 101 with marketing students from NUS Business School

Entrepreneurship Sharing with Secondary & Tertiary school students from Hai Sing Catholic, Yuhua Sec, SST, Geylang Methodist Sec and many other institutions

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Get in touch with us to discuss how we can inspire your students. Drop us a message below!

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