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Online Coffee Workshops

Bringing people together in the new normal...

The nature of work has seen fundamental shifts, but what remains a fact is that people are at the heart of organisations and companies.

As a leading vendor in corporate workshops, we have transformed our signature programmes into online classes.

Through engaging activities such as Mini-Quizzes, Group Tasting and Hands-on Brewing, we continue to provide amazing coffee experiences even through online platforms.


Online Coffee Talk

Understand the basics of coffee as we deep-dive into topics such as Coffee Species, Coffee Belt and Cafe Menu.


You'll learn how to apply these knowledge in your daily lives and make better coffee decisions!

Estimated Duration: 45mins

Many of us drink coffee, but do we really taste it?

In this workshop, we cover Basic Coffee Knowledge (topics in Coffee Talk), as well as the 5 Aspects of Coffee Tasting.


You will prepare your coffee using drip bags delivered to you, which we will use to lead the group in a Mindful Tasting Session.

*Lead Time for Delivery: Min 1 Week

Estimated Duration: 1.5 Hours

Participants Receive:

2-pc Drip Bag.png

Drip Bags of 2 origins

download (1)_edited.jpg

Online Coffee Tasting

download (2)_edited.jpg

Online Coffee Brewing

Kick-start your home coffee brewing journey right here!

In this workshop, we cover Basic Coffee Knowledge (topics in Coffee Talk), followed by Hands-on Brewing with Hario V60 Pourover.

Our instructors will provide a brewing demonstration along with detailed explanations on the brew recipe.


You will get a Hands-on Experience in brewing your own cup of specialty coffee, which you will taste together as a group in a Mindful Tasting Exercise.

*Lead Time for Delivery: Min 1 Week

Estimated Duration: 2 Hours

Participants Receive:

Hario V60
Brewing Starter Kit

VDSP-2012R-CEX 530x600.jpg

This includes:

- V60 Dripper Size 01
- Classy Glass Decanter
- Filter Paper
- Measuring Spoon

Mystery Ground


What Clients Say

"(The trainer) was extremely accommodating, patient and attentive to details while keeping the session light-hearted for the participants who had a great time"

- Michelle Tang (A-Life)

Interested in a Corporate Online Coffee Workshop?

Talk to us today to organise one for your team!

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