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Online Coffee Workshops

Bringing People Together in the New Normal

The nature of work has seen fundamental shifts, but what remains a fact is that people are at the heart of organisations and companies.

As a leading vendor in corporate workshops, we have transformed our signature programmes into online classes.

Through engaging activities such as Mini-Quizzes, Group Tasting and Hands-on Brewing, we continue to provide amazing coffee experiences even through online platforms.


Coffee Talk.jpg

Online Coffee Talk

Understand the basics of coffee as we deep-dive into topics such as Coffee Species, Coffee Belt and Cafe Menu. You'll learn how to apply these knowledge in your daily lives and make better coffee decisions!

Estimated Duration: 45mins

Coffee Tasting.jpg

Online Coffee Tasting Workshop

Many of us drink coffee, but do we really taste it?

In this workshop, we cover Basic Coffee Knowledge (topics in Coffee Talk), as well as the 5 Aspects of Coffee Tasting. You will prepare your coffee using drip bags delivered to you, which we will use to lead the group in a Mindful Tasting Session.

Participants receive: Drip Bags from 2 origins

Lead Time for Delivery: Min 1 Week

Estimated Duration: 1.5 Hours

Coffee Brewing with V60

Online Coffee Brewing Workshop
(Most Popular for Corporate participants)

Kick-start your home coffee brewing journey right here!

In this workshop, we cover Basic Coffee Knowledge (topics in Coffee Talk), followed by Hands-on Brewing with Hario V60 Pourover.

Our instructors will provide a brewing demonstration along with detailed explanations on the brew recipe. You will get a Hands-on Experience in brewing your own cup of specialty coffee, which you will taste together as a group in a Mindful Tasting Exercise.

Participants receive: Hario V60 Brewing Kit + 100g Ground Coffee

Lead Time for Delivery: Min 1 Week

Estimated Duration: 2 Hours

VDSP-2012R-CEX 530x600.jpg

Hario V60 Brewing Starter Kit +
- V60 Dripper Size 01
- Classy Glass Decanter
- Filter Paper
- Measuring Spoon

Mystery Coffee

- Ground Coffee

Participants receive:

2-pc Drip Bag.png

Drip Bags (2 origins)

Participants receive:

Great Reviews from our Clients

(The trainer) was extremely accommodating, patient and attentive to details while keeping the session light-hearted for the participants who had a great time"

—  Michelle Tang (A-Life)

Interested in a corporate online coffee workshop?

Talk to us today to organize one for your team!

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