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Community Coffee Workshop

Rebuilding our kampong spirit...

One cup of coffee at a time

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"Kampong Spirit"


A sense of harmony, community, and solidarity. A community that stands by another and readily offers help and support towards each other. 


To help Singaporeans find a friend and familiar face in the neighbourhood.

To foster a sense of community and togetherness between neighbours.

To facilitate neighbourly interactions and bring back Singapore's "Kampong Spirit"!

A Grassroots bonding experience for all, bringing neighbourhoods close, and neighbours closer.

Coffee Appreciation

It is our differences that make us unique and beautiful!

Does a Kopi or a Cappuccino have more caffeine? 

What does Kopi Siew Dai mean? 

Deepen your understanding of coffee and what makes Singapore’s coffee heritage so unique & learn to make better coffee-buying decisions.

Great coffee must be shared & enjoyed together!

Participants will collaborate with a fellow neighbour to grind their coffee beans, extract their espresso, froth creamy milk and top their coffees with a lovely Heart-Shaped Latte Art. 


Don’t be afraid to pour your hearts out and remember, you can always rely on your fellow neighbour for help!

Coffee Crafting

Kopi Talk

Discover a new friend in your neighbourhood!

What is your favourite breakfast spot in our neighbourhood? What is your hidden talent?

Participants can further break the ice and get to know each other better. It’s time to make a new buddy and bond over coffee.


Afterall, it is the little things that make life special ☻

A word from our community partners

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Friends of Punggol:

Launch of One Punggol

Our friends at Punggol joined us for a fun and engaging session with their neighbours to commemorate the launch of One Punggol!

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Pine Grove


Our Pine Grove friends came down to our studio to spend some quality time with their neighbours!

Neighbours worked with one another to create a cup of Latte from scratch, and topped it off with a heart-shaped Latte Art. 

And many other corporate partners

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If this programme seems like something your

residents might be interested in, contact us at or +65 86611035!

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