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Workshop Overview

Coffee Workshops

Experience & Inspire With Our Coffee Workshops

At TCR, we believe coffee has the amazing ability to bring people together and forge memorable experiences. As the leading coffee workshop hosts in Singapore, we hope every participant walks out of each coffee workshop feeling a little more inspired about life.


Dunearn Secondary School

Corporate Teambuilding Workshop

We are proud to be the leading corporate coffee workshop host in Singapore!


We have successfully hosted our Signature Team Building Coffee Workshop, with coffee appreciation and hands on latte art for companies of various types, sizes and industries.

This includes Government Ministries, Statutory boards, MNCs, Tech companies and many others. We also cater for teams of different sizes and requirements, so that every coffee workshop suits perfectly to the client's needs.

Forging Stronger Bonds with your team, through Coffee

Looking to create a memorable experience for your corporate team building or department cohesion activity in Singapore? Our signature Corporate Team Building Coffee Workshop is your top choice!


Our Signature Coffee Workshop is a highly engaging activity that covers a wide range of coffee appreciation concepts and various hands on stations.  


Most importantly, we aim to encourage better communication and foster closer relationships within the team through team-building elements like collaborative brewing.


2 to 2.5 hours

Class Size:

10 - 100

(we have programmes for various class sizes)


TCR Infinity Coffee Studios or Client's Venue

Coffee Workshop Programme:

(i) Coffee Appreciation & Coffee Knowledge, (ii) Espresso & Latte Art

Other stations available: Tea Appreciation, Flavour Pairing, Coffee Painting, Coffee Tasting

Our Clients & Partners
Coffee Workshop clients

and more...

Hear from our clients!

"Had attended a corporate basic latte art workshop organised for a team bonding event. I had enjoyed the workshop very much and could appreciate the different types of coffee better now. Swee Heng was very knowledgeable about the topic and he conducted the workshop with much zest.

The 2.5-hour workshop was well-paced, managed to try making one cup of latte art coffee, and we had definitely taken back good memories!"

- Ms Q,


10-pax workshop

Want to enjoy an Amazing Coffee Experience with your team?

Basic Barista Course

Do you have a huge burning passion for coffee?

Would you like to pick up all the fundamental coffee skills required to become a competent barista?

If your answer is YES, we have just the right coffee course for you!

Over two sessions (total 8 hours) of engaging learning, you will receive intensive training in coffee knowledge and fundamental barista skills, including: Espresso Extraction, Milk Frothing and Basic Latte Art. Ample practice time with close guidance from experienced barista trainers will be provided for optimum learning outcome.

No prerequisite is required.

Latte Art Course

Are your Latte Art pours not turning out the way you want them to?

Turn your frowns into smiles as you nail that perfect heart, and progress with even more complex designs such as a swan and triple rosetta!  

With our structured syllabus in place to help you improve your pouring technique, you will receive intensive training over four sessions of 90 minutes in our Latte Art classes. Ample practice time with close guidance from experienced barista trainers will be provided for optimum learning outcome.

No prerequisite is required.

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