Latte Art Courses

Our vision is to introduce the art of coffee-making as a lifestyle.

Coffee Crafting is a skill that requires consistent effort and practice.

In the pursuit of proficiency, we hope you also form a community to cherish.

Latte Art 1 (LA1)


  • Fundamentals of Espresso Extraction & Milk Frothing

  • 6 Degrees of Freedom in Motion

  • Heart Shape

  • Stacking: Tulip Design

  • Rocking: Rosetta Design



4-week Term Course

90 mins per class

Course Fees: $390

Latte Art - Swan.jpg

Latte Art 2 (LA2)


  • Technical Focus: Flow Control, Basic Positioning, Windmill Technique

  • Complex Singular Designs

    • Swans (Different Variations)

    • 6-Stack Tulip & 3-2-1 Tulip

    • Windmill


Passed Latte Art 1 (LA1), OR

Send in two videos of 3-layer Tulip and Rosetta


4-week Term Course

90 mins per class

Course Fees: $390

Latte Art 3 (LA3)


  • Technical Focus: Efficiency & Control, Inversion Technique, Small Pour (Macchiato)

  • Wing Base Designs

    • Wing Tulip

    • Wing Rosetta
  • Intermediate Designs

    • Inverted Tulip

    • Triple Rosetta

    • Small Pour Tulip (Macchiato Cup)


Passed Latte Art 2 (LA2), OR

Send in two videos of Swan and 3-2-1 Tulip


4-week Term Course

90 mins per class

Course Fees: $440


Next Intake - August 2021

Latte Art 1 (LA1)

Saturday Class (7, 14, 21 & 28 Aug) - 9am to 10.30am
(max 4 students per Class)

Wednesday Class (4, 11, 18 & 25 Aug) - 7pm to 8.30pm
(max 4 students per Class)

Latte Art 2 (LA2)

Saturday Class (7, 14, 21 & 28 Aug) - 11am to 12.30pm (max 4 students per Class)
- [1 SPOT LEFT] -

Latte Art 3 (LA3)

- Next Intake in Sep 21 -



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the course fee for Latte Art Term Course?

Basic Levels Latte Art 1: $390/pax Latte Art 2: $390/pax Intermediate Levels Latte Art 3: $440/pax Latte Art 4: $440/pax Latte Art 5 and beyond: to be advised

Where will the course be held at?

It will be held at The Coffee Roaster Cafe, located in National University of Singapore (10 Kent Ridge Crescent #01-02 NUS AS8 S119260).

What are the payment methods?

We accept Paynow or Bank Transfer. Our team will contact you after receiving your registration (through the Registration Form on this page) and will provide you with full payment details.

Will I receive any certification after I have completed the course?

Yes, a Certificate of Achievement will be given out upon successful completion of the course!

How long will the course be?

4 sessions of 90 minutes each (over consecutive weeks)

Who will be conducting the workshop?

Latte Art Courses will be taught by Mr Ang Swee Heng, founder of The Coffee Roaster Group. He has been a consecutive finalist in Singapore Latte Art Championships in 2018-19 and even achieved first runner-up in the regional FHA Latte Art Showdown 2018! He is known for his encouraging stance in class and his sharp observations to customise feedback for individual students.

If I miss a lesson, will there be a make-up class?

There will be no make-up classes. However, if you are unable to make it to class at your original timing, you may be allowed to join another class at the same or lower level, subject to capacity. Classes and enrolment are non-transferable. The Coffee Roaster Academy does not do refunds, pro-rate lessons or guarantee availability of replacement classes.

Will there be Latte Art 4, Latte Art 5 and more?

The answer is a resounding YES!!! We are working hard behind the scenes to build and refine the blocks which stack up to form a structured, rigorous syllabus of coffee education.

Stay tuned for the updated syllabus!