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Professional Barista Course

For aspiring career baristas, individuals keen to pursue a career in the F&B industry, or coffee enthusiasts. 

Interested in our Professional Barista Course?

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Our Training Methodology.

  • Engagement is the core of our training methodology. This is why we designed our Professional Barista Course programme to incorporate a variety of interactive and hands-on elements to optimise learning outcomes. 

  • In the first half of the session, we will start off with a deeper Coffee Appreciation as we learn about essential coffee knowledge through stories and games. After a detailed demonstration of Fundamental Barista Skills, we will start our first intensive practice session to ease into the routine of preparing espresso beverages. The session concludes with Cleaning & Maintenance of Espresso Machine & Grinder.

  • In the second half of the session, we begin by delving deeper into the theory of espresso extraction as we explore variables such as brew ratio and grind size. This leads into calibration of grinder and espresso machine through rectifying under- and over-extraction. This part of the intensive session is aimed at preparing participants for the Practical Test.

  • Upon successful completion of both Theory and Practical Assessment, a Certificate of Achievement is presented to graduates of TCR Professional Barista Course.


Professional Barista Course Outline


Session 1 Outline (4 Hours)

1. Basic Coffee Knowledge (1 Hour)

1.1 Coffee Species

1.2 Coffee Belt

1.3 Cafe Menu

1.4 Game Segment: Coffee Myths of Facts

2. Fundamental Barista Skills (1.5 hours)

2.1 Work Station Preparation

2.2 Parts & Functions of an Espresso Machine & Grinder

2.3 Fundamentals of Espresso Extraction (Grinding, Distributing, Tamping, Cleaning)

2.4 Fundamentals of Milk Frothing (Basic Milk Chemistry, Texturing, Stretching, Temperature Sensing)

2.5 Introduction to Free Pour Latte Art

*Practice opportunities after each segment

3. Free Practice Session (1 hour)

This Practice Session is designed to ease participants into the routine of preparing espresso beverages.

Instructors will make use of video to review and analyse the areas of improvement.

4 Cleaning & Maintenance of Espresso Machine & Grinder (30 mins)

Session 2 Outline (4 Hours)

5 Espresso & Extraction Theory (1 hour)

5.1 Ideal Extraction

5.2 Brew Parameters - Brew Ratio

5.3 Brew Parameters - Grind Size

5.4 Other Brew Parameters (e.g. Temperature, Pressure)

5.5 Compounds in Coffee

5.6 Under- & Over- Extraction

6 Calibration of Grinder & Machine (30 mins)

6.1 Recifying Under-Extraction

6.2 Rectifying Over-Extraction

7 Free Practice Session (1 hour)

This Practice Session is geared towards preparing for the Practical Test. Instructors will provide close guidance in ensuring participants are barista-ready.

8 Theory & Practical Assessment (1 hour)

8.1 Theory Assessment - Multiple Choice

8.2 Preparation for Practical Test

8.3 Practical Test

*Participants are expected to produce 3 coffee beverages (Espresso, Long Black & Cafe Latte) within 5 minutes. Quality & Presentation of beverages will be assessed.

9 Conclusion (30 mins)

9.1 Summary of Professional Barista Course

9.2 Q&A session

9.3 Photo-Taking

9.4 Presentation of Certificate of Achievement to graduates of TCR Professional Barista Course

  • What is the course fee for the Professional Barista Course?
  • How long will the course be?
    It will be from 9am to 6pm (9 hours with a 1 hour break in between)
  • Where will the course be held at?
    It will be held at TCR Infinity Coffee Studios located at Blk 1092 Lower Delta Road #03-11 Singapore 169203 (2 bus stops away from Tiong Bahru MRT).
  • What are the payment methods?
    All payments are to be made using HitPay via our Book Online page
  • Will I receive any certification to prove that I have completed the course?
    Yes, a Certificate of Achievement will be given out upon successful completion of the course!
  • How can I register for the class?
    Simply book a slot on the Book Online page. If you have any questions, drop us an email at or give us a call at 91820798!
  • Can I use my SkillsFuture credits to pay for the Professional Barista Course?
    Unfortunately, the course is not SkillsFuture payable.
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