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Espresso: Fundamentals versus Espresso: Advanced: What’s the Difference?

Welcome to the world of Espresso!

At our Academy, we take pride in providing Espresso workshops that are tailored to meet the needs of home brewing coffee folks. Whether you are taking your first steps into the world of coffee or a seasoned home barista looking to elevate your coffee game, our workshops have something for everyone!

For the complete beginner: Espresso Fundamentals

If you are someone who loves coffee and aspires to create your own delicious Espresso, Cappuccinos, or Lattes at home, then this is the right workshop for you!

In this workshop, we will teach you some essential knowledge about coffee, such as the different coffee varieties, tips for buying coffee, and insights into typical cafe drinks.

There will also be a hands-on segment, where we will go through the two fundamental barista skills: Espresso Extraction and Milk Frothing. You will have the chance to put these skills into practice as you develop confidence under the expert guidance of our educators, where we will ensure that you can replicate the steps with ease and precision on your brand new coffee setup at home!

For the seasoned barista: Espresso Advanced

You already know how to operate your espresso machine and create a latte effortlessly, but are you truly getting the most out of your coffee?

In our Espresso Advanced workshop, our goal is to guide you through the mastery of perfecting your coffee. What factors affect the extraction level and flavour of your espresso? How do I get the ideal taste out of my new coffee without wasting too much of it in the process? These are the common questions and concerns that we will tackle in this workshop!

Join us for our Espresso workshops and unlock the secrets to creating exceptional coffee at home. Click here to find out more and to book your workshop today!

Here's a summary of the differences between our courses:

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