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HOBER: What is it, and Why?

HOBER stands for Home Barista Education Roadmap. Herein, we will be discussing what this roadmap is about, as well as why we decided to launch this programme!

Since 2017, we have conducted many Barista Experience Workshops and Coffee-Brewing Workshops for clients and the general public.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many cafes were closed and people were also encouraged to work from home. Thus, many coffee addicts (like us) had to get our coffee fix elsewhere. This led to a boom in the number of home baristas, as many coffee drinkers took matters into their own hands and brewed their own cafe favourites at home.

Although more people started buying espresso machines for use at home, they still needed to learn how to use them. They have to learn the basics of frothing milk, discover how to troubleshoot their coffee and craft their coffee as similar to how their favourite cafe makes it.

For the advanced home baristas who have perfected the taste of their coffee, they may wish to take their learning a step further by exploring the world of Latte Art. Not only do they want their coffee to taste good, but look good too!

This is where our Home Barista Education Roadmap comes in! Faced with an abundance of information on the internet, beginner home baristas may find it confusing and difficult to sieve out the relevant information that will answer their questions. Thus, a group of us - experienced home and career baristas, coupled with our knowledge from conducting numerous coffee workshops - have put together a lesson plan which will benefit the curious learners (you!).

Our Education Roadmap covers:

1. Espresso: Fundamentals

  • Learning the basics of Espresso Extraction

  • Achieving the perfect milk froth

2. Espresso: Advanced

  • Espresso Calibration: Tweaking specific parameters on your grinder to achieve your desired espresso flavour

  • Mystery Coffee Calibration: Calibrating coffee to your ideal flavour

3. Latte Art Course

  • Master Latte Art techniques to guide you from a basic heart-shape design to advanced designs like a rose or a seahorse

You do not need to complete every course stated in the Roadmap. In fact, the Roadmap was designed in order to accommodate learners from any background, knowledge, and level of experience. It’s not needed to go through a “rite of passage” - i.e. a fixed progression path as you can pick and choose their desired course based on your wants and needs!

To learn more about our courses, do check out our Home Barista Education here for more details.

Becoming a home barista has never been easier.

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