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Parent-Child Workshop: Parents unwind, Children enjoy!

As parents, we love to see our children with big smiles on their faces. Wouldn’t it be nice to participate in an activity where parents can unwind and learn a new skill, while the children get an avenue to express their creativity? Our Parent-Child workshop served to meet these needs to achieve our goal of “happy kids and happy parents” by the end of the session!

Our Parent-Child workshop held at the Asian Civilisation Museum was an eye-opening experience. Parents had a glimpse of experiencing what it was like to be a barista for the day as they were given the opportunity to craft their own beverages, while their children had a hand in designing a special Latte Art design! There were 3 aspects that touched us the most in this workshop:

1) Creativity

Our young baristas had their hand at crafting coffee for their parents as well as learning how to design their own hot chocolate latte art! Our parents had a go at pouring their hearts out (pun intended!), while the kids made use of a milk etching pen to draw out a “Cute Bear” design. Just like how no latte art is the same, all the designs by the children were different as they showed off their creativity in their own way. Seeing the childrens’ bright smiles after they have completed their Latte Art design showed their sense of achievement!

2) Parent-Child Quality Time

It was heartwarming to see the parents’ encouragement towards their children when the kids were meticulously etching their latte art design. They were always on the sidelines, with proud expressions on their faces as they continuously snapped photos and videos of their children being hard at work. Both the parents and children were able to enjoy their drinks together and we are sure that memories of that day’s events will be etched in their minds and hearts!

3) Bonding over Common Interests

Although our objective of the workshop was to build stronger parent-child relationships, what surprised us was the interaction between different families! Through this common activity, it was easy to break the ice between families. The children were also enthusiastic in getting to know one another better, and played games once they were done.

Besides forging stronger familial relationships, friendships were also formed! We believe this is the power of using our workshops to bring communities together.

Contact us here if you’re looking for a family workshop, we’d love to see families coming together to unwind and create cherished memories

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