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A Day in Life of Hosting a Workshop (Off-Site @ Zebra HQ)

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Did you know that we can bring our workshops to you?

3pm: Arrival at ZEBRA's HQ!

We have arrived at ZEBRA's HQ!

Our education team started setting up our machine at their pantry to do several test shots- which involves adjusting the grind size to make sure that the shot is optimised.

On the other hand, the marketing team set up the IG corner for our guests to celebrate their first latte art pour!

As we had some time before our guests arrived, our team decided to take some pictures for memories 😆

4pm: Client's arrival

It's showtime! 🤩

To start off, our instructor Swee Heng demonstrated the 2 fundamental barista skills: Espresso Extraction & Milk Frothing to our guests.

Here's how our guests handled the challenge of being the barista of the day!

5.30pm: Coffee Knowledge Segment

Last but not least, we conducted a mini quiz to test our guests about how well they know about coffee!

6:00pm: End of Workshop!

After a fruitful session, we are heading back to the studio with a warm (& caffeinated) hearts!

Thank you for having us 🧡

Here's a summary of how our day went:

You could have this experience too! Book your teambuilding activity slots with us here!

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