Making a Difference: TCR’s Social Impact

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

On 10 July 2018, TCR Academy welcomed a very special group of guests to attend our coffee workshops. They are none other than the brave warriors from Singapore Cancer Society – ENT Support Group. It was incredibly humbling and meaningful for the TCR team to create Amazing Coffee Experiences together with them.

Our founder Swee Heng conducted a basic coffee appreciation segment for these participants, covering key topics such as Coffee Species and Coffee Belt. Perhaps the most interesting topic was the contrast between local kopi and specialty coffee!

Founder’s Note: Conducting the workshop in mandarin was an eye-opening experience for us 😊

Subsequently, the participants came up to prepare their own espresso shots and pour latte art designs with guidance from instructors of TCR Academy. The smiles on their faces were unforgettable as the tulip designs start to take shape!

Here are some of the highlights:

Collaborations with local VWOs and Charities

From the second half of 2018, TCR Coffee Co has been working closely with voluntary welfare organisations and charities based in Singapore to conduct coffee workshops for various communities. Our goal is to be able to use our expertise and channel it for social impact.

We have also worked with Singapore Children’s Society and Lion Befrienders to conduct workshops for various communities in Singapore.

To the TCR team, especially the workshop instructors, it adds deeper meaning in our work. We take great pride in our day-to-day operations and also the workshops that we conduct, but when we see the smiles that we bring to these special communities, it adds a deeper dimension to our careers.

Listening to our participant sharing his experience!

The energy is contagious!

The Role of SMEs in Creating Social Impact

At TCR, we believe that doing good is not just something for large companies and multi-national corporations – Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can play a very important role too!

Creating social impact doesn’t necessarily mean spending substantial resources, or going out of the way to accomplish something. Local businesses can consider the possibility of leveraging on organic expertise and capabilities to channel it for social good.

We are grateful for the opportunity to create meaningful experiences through coffee. Social impact will continue to be an important goal for TCR Coffee Co.

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