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Are you #TeamMatcha or #TeamHojicha?

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

With Matcha & Hojicha Latte now available at The Coffee Roaster Cafe @ NUS,

you might be wondering... what are the differences between Matcha and Hojicha?

Difference #1: Colour

Matcha is bright green in colour (vibrant if it is ceremonial grade), whereas Hojicha is brown in colour.

The tea bushes of Matcha leaves are grown in the shade, which increases the amount of chlorophyll content in the leaves- which gives Matcha its bright green colour.

On the other hand, Hojicha is grown in the sun and is then roasted. Its brown hue is dependent on its harvest time, roasting time and type of leaf it is made from (Sencha- unshaded green tea, Bancha- common Japanese green tea, or Kukicha (twig tea).

Difference #2: Flavour

Matcha is slightly sweet, with a savoury umami flavour, while Hojicha has a toasty flavour, with subtle sweetness and nutty undertones.

Caffeine Level

Did you know that Matcha has higher caffeine level as compared to Hojicha?

This is because Matcha consists of the entire tea leaf in a powdered form, giving Matcha its high caffeine level!

Not to worry, as Matcha provides you with a calm alertness and helps to increase your focus without the effects of a caffeine crash later in the day.

Meanwhile, Hojicha is relatively low in caffeine because of its roasting process.

Fun Fact: Caffeine sublimes near its boiling point of 178°C, and the roasting process is at approximately 200°C!

What are you waiting for?

Head down to our cafe at NUS AS8 to try out our new drinks!

Don't forget to bring your own cup for 20 cents off your beverage 🥤

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