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Why a Coffee Workshop Is the Team Building Activity You Need to Try

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

“Team building next month! Anyone has any idea what to do this time?”

The initial excitement slowly turns into a growing frustration.

Picture this: You and your team are wrecking your brains.

This has happened far too many times: a seemingly relaxing and fun experience with your colleagues turning into a struggle of ideas.

“But this is so boring!”

“But that is too tiring, not everyone can take it!”

If this scene sounds familiar to you, you are not alone.

Indeed, finding an engaging team building activity everyone enjoys can be a tough exercise.

But fret not, today let me share with you why a coffee workshop is a team building activity that you should definitely try with your team.

Beginnings of Coffee as a Team Building Activity

It is only right to begin the story with how we started coffee workshops as a team building activity.

My team and I have been very passionate about coffee, but mostly expressed this passion through the coffee we make in the café everyday.

From day one, we aspired to make great quality coffee for everyone we were privileged to serve.

One day in 2017, we received an interesting and novel request: A team from Gleneagles Hospital approached us to find out if we offered coffee workshops for team building purposes.

At that time, this was truly a new idea. Not only for us, but for the entire industry. A quick search online found that there were few to no companies providing coffee workshops as a service too.

Armed with a strong passion for the topic, along with an eagerness to share this love for coffee to a wider audience, we took up the opportunity readily.

As it turns out, that was only the start.

Since that first workshop, we have been privileged to serve numerous workshop participants from various ministries, statutory boards, MNCs, startups and many, many more.

Unique Features of Coffee as a Team Building Activity

What makes coffee team building activity so appealing for team building?

I believe the attractiveness of using coffee for team building lies in its unique ability to satisfy many different aspects of an ideal team building activity.

Let me explain:

Coffee: A universal language

Coffee is an extremely popular beverage in Singapore. You can easily find a cafe or kopitiam every few steps you take around the country.

In our busy lives today, it’s not hard to see why.

This makes it no surprise that coffee is a perfect medium for team building!

Since coffee is a subject that most can understand and relate with, coffee team building activities are highly accommodating to people of all ages and from different walks of life.

Remember the example I posed at the start of this article? There are just not many team building ideas that can be universally accepted.

Coffee happens to be one of the unique few that can.

“But wait! Some of my colleagues don’t drink coffee too!”

This thought has definitely come up in your head, hasn’t it? We’ve got it covered.

During our coffee appreciation workshops, we share a lot of everyday knowledge that will be relatable for coffee and non-coffee lovers alike.

To cater for non-coffee drinkers, we also offer chocolate or green tea bases for our signature Latte Art workshop activity.

This allows participants to still have fun pouring their own latte art, while drinking the drink they made with pride!

Interaction and Engagement from Coffee

Coffee is not only a beverage – long from the old days, people met at coffee houses and drank coffee, whilst socializing and gathering with friends.

Fast forward to today, cafes and coffee shops remain intimate spaces where people can gather and spend their day with friends and loved ones.

While the modern-day cafe may have evolved, coffee remains the same key medium that people use to socialize with.

With coffee being such an important social lubricant, it is no wonder why it can be a great medium for team building activities too!

In our past sessions, participants have often shared their curiosity and interest in coffee with one another, leading to much conversations.

During the Latte Art workshops, the element of partnering up with a teammate and completing the entire Latte Art activity together also allows meaningful engagement between the partners.

Indeed, it is when groups of people engage in new activities together that meaningful bonds are most effectively formed.

Coffee as a Form of Appreciation and Self development

We know that many of us drink coffee on the regular.

If coffee is such an integral part of our lives, shouldn’t we take some time to understand it better?

And better appreciate this daily routine we have?

Even by investing a little time into appreciating this beverage, it can do wonders in our daily experience.

Through our coffee knowledge workshops, participants have grown their appreciation for this cuppa – learning about the origins of coffee, the varieties of coffee and more interesting knowledge in a highly interactive manner.

Coffee team building activities are hence a true investment to help participants appreciate the finer things in life.

Give Coffee a shot: Trying Out a Coffee Team Building Activity

As you can tell, Coffee is indeed an awesome beverage.

Besides being your daily perk-me-up, it can now solve your team building troubles too!

If you have yet to try a coffee team building activity, what are you waiting for? This is the best opportunity to give your colleagues a great team building experience with coffee!

If you are interested in the different types of coffee workshops we offer, find out more here!

These team building activities can also be customized to your specific needs, so let us know all your requirements and we will be in touch soon!

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