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Latte Art Workshop

Barista Experience 


TCR’s Latte Art Workshop allows you to create beautiful latte art through two main techniques: (i) free pouring; and (ii) etching.


This workshop is suitable for participants who do not have any prior understanding about coffee, as we bring you on an exploratory journey into the world of coffee. 


Get hands-on experience in espresso extraction and milk texturing before expressing your creativity through coffee art!


Duration: 2 hours


Class Size: 2 to 9 (Arrange for a private session with a group of friends!)


Workshop Programme:

Introduction to Espresso, Espresso Extraction, Milk Texturing, Latte Art I: Free Pouring,Latte Art II: Etching

Amazed by how cafe baristas prepare your coffee so elegantly and professionally?


Look no further; you too can experience becoming a barista for the day! Get a glimpse into different barista stations with the Barista Experience Workshop.

Duration: 2 hours

Class Size: 4 to 9 (Arrange for a private session with a group of friends!)

Workshop Programme:

(i) Coffee Knowledge, (ii) Brewing, (iii) Espresso Extraction, Milk Texturing & Latte Art, (iv) Flavour Pairing

Coffee Appreciation


Elevate your understanding of gourmet coffee with our Coffee Appreciation Workshop.


Learn more about coffee species, cafe menu beverages and the coffee belt, before viewing a demonstration of brewing and latte art!


What’s more exciting than to round it all up with a food pairing session, where you will explore inspiring food combinations.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Class size: 5 to 20 (also suitable for large groups and corporate events)

Workshop Programme:

(i) Introduction to Coffee, (ii) Coffee Species: Arabica & Robusta, (iii) The Coffee Belt - with coffee tasting, (iv) Café Menu Beverages, (v) Game Segment - Coffee: Myths or Facts


Had a great time - everyone was very patient and helpful!"

—  Sheryl Ng,

Latte Art Workshop Participant

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