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Small Group Coffee Workshops

Be it a once-in-a-lifetime celebration or a regular bonding session together with family and friends, coffee is a medium through which you create memories that last a lifetime.

Book a Private Workshop for any occasion, and let this Amazing Coffee Experience add to your festivities:

  • Hens' Party / Bachelors' Party

  • Family Bonding & Social Gathering

  • Birthday & Anniversary Celebrations

  • Client Appreciation

  • Community Building

Programme Overview:
Barista Experience Workshop (Private)

Amazed by how cafe baristas prepare your coffee so elegantly and professionally? Look no further; you too can experience becoming a barista for the day! Get a glimpse into the world of coffee crafting with the Barista Experience Workshop.

This workshop is suitable for participants who do not have any prior understanding about coffee, as we bring you on an exploratory journey into the world of coffee. 

We start you off with a Coffee Knowledge station, where you learn more about coffee species, coffee belt and cafe menu beverages. Don't worry, this is not a lecture (we don't want to give one too!). We aim to elevate your understanding of specialty coffee with relevant coffee knowledge that you can use to make better coffee decisions daily.


Next, we head to the coffee bar for our Hands-on Espresso & Latte Art (the main event!). In the demonstration, our instructors will explain each step of the Espresso Extraction & Milk Frothing process. If you've always wondered why baristas press down on the ground coffee with a tamper, you'll find the answer here! Our instructors will also share the simple pouring mechanics to create a heart shape latte art.

Now that you're equipped with the know-how, it's time to put on the barista apron and start crafting your very own cups of coffee! Cheer each other on, and take lots of pictures and videos for keepsake!


Nothing tastes sweeter than the coffee you craft yourself, and nothing feels better than creating memories with the people who matter.

Duration: Estimated 2.5 hours

Class Size: Recommended 3 to 7 pax

Workshop Programme:

(i) Coffee Knowledge & Appreciation

(ii) Hands-on Espresso Extraction

(iii) Hands-on Milk Frothing

(iv) Hands-on Latte Art

(v) Q&A and Photo-Taking


Had a great time - everyone was very patient and helpful!"

—  Sheryl Ng,

Latte Art Workshop Participant

Interested in a small group coffee workshop?

Talk to us today to organize one!

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