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Coffee Gone Wild!

You might think that your daily cuppa is a very simple beverage. Latte to Mocha, Kopi O to Kopi C, how complex can it get?

Well, turns out things can get reallyyy interesting.

Recently, the world of coffee has been introduced to many novel trends. As coffee lovers ourselves, we felt that we had to share our thoughts about these trends: The good, the bad and the (not so) bad.

DISCLAIMER: The following are our personal opinions about these trends. If you have strong opinions about them, please feel free to comment and let’s have a conversation!

Coloured Lattes

When you think of coffee, what is the colour you first think of?

If you are like me (or most people really), you would probably think of the velvety brown layer floating pridefully on the surface of the coffee. But the same can’t be said for some. To “beautify” the coffee, some have gone out of their way to add more colour and pop into the coffee.

How? By using beautiful artificial food colouring, of course!

But here comes the bigger, more important question: Why would anyone willingly drink artificial food colouring?

In a bid to add some pop into an already great drink, this seems like a move that provides more superficial benefits than actual quality.

We’d like our milk coffees brown please!


Next up, Avo-lattes, or pouring lattes into and drinking from random objects like avocados (that are not cups!) This trend has also been gaining popularity recently.

Unsurprisingly, this development has been in parallel with the rise in popularity of Instagram.

In today’s society, many of us "do it for the ‘gram”, chasing after visual appeal to amaze our followers.

But we ask: What is wrong with drinking from porcelain cups?

If the only benefit of drinking coffee from these objects is only the visual aesthetic, with no improvement in quality or taste, we will probably stick with our porcelain cups.

3D Latte Art

Traditional Latte art is created by frothing milk and pouring the mixture onto the coffee, thereby staining the coffee with milk foam and creating art in the process.

What about 3D Latte Art then? It is created by over-frothing milk to create a much stiffer milk foam, so that the foam can stand upright and art can be designed onto it. This is precisely how amazing 3D designs like flying cats and Pokemon characters can be formed.

These exciting designs are definitely gaining popularity among many coffee lovers for the same reasons as discussed earlier *cough* Instagram *cough*. The creation of these designs also require a lot of creativity and effort too.

But the question remains: does drinking coffee with 3D Latte art make the coffee and overall experience better?

Probably not the coffee, but if your day is made by a cute 3D Latte art, we’re all for it too!


Don’t get us wrong though, if you enjoy any of the above for any reason, continue enjoying them! After all, as we mentioned in a previous article, coffee is more than a drink – it is an experience! If the experience is the one for you, don’t be afraid to embrace it!

Enough of our thoughts, what do you think about these new coffee trends?

Love them? Hate them?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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