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Basic Barista Course

For aspiring career baristas, individuals keen to pursue a career in the F&B industry, or coffee enthusiasts. 

Our Training Methodology.

  • Engagement is the core of our training methodology. This is why we designed our Basic Barista Course programme to incorporate a variety of interactive and hands-on elements to optimise learning outcomes. 

  • In the first session, we will start off with a deeper Coffee Appreciation as we learn about essential coffee knowledge through stories and games. After a detailed demonstration of Fundamental Barista Skills, we will start our first intensive practice session to ease into the routine of preparing espresso beverages. The session concludes with Cleaning & Maintenance of Espresso Machine & Grinder.

  • In the second session, we begin by delving deeper into the theory of espresso extraction as we explore variables such as brew ratio and grind size. This leads into calibration of grinder and espresso machine through rectifying under- and over-extraction. The second intensive practice session is aimed at preparing participants for the Practical Test.

  • Upon successful completion of both Theory and Practical Assessment, a Certificate of Achievement is presented to graduates of TCR Basic Barista Course.


Basic Barista Course:
Coming Soon!

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