Online Coffee Appreciation & Brewing Workshop

Upcoming Session:

28 March 2021 (Sunday)

9.30am - 11.30am


Registration Closed

Segment 1: Basic Coffee Knowledge & Mini Quiz

Segment 2a: Coffee Brewing Principles + Demonstration

Segment 2b: Hands-on Brewing with V60 Dripper

Segment 2c: Guided Coffee Tasting with Coffee Tasters Flavour Wheel

Q&A Session

Workshop Registration

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Kindly enter the waiting room 15 minutes prior to the start of the workshop so as to facilitate attendance taking. We hope to start the workshop on time to maximise our sharing time!

*Sign-Ups close 6 days before workshop date to ensure timely delivery of brewing kits. Alternatively, participants can also opt-for self-collection of Brewing Kits and Mystery Coffee at TCR Cafe @ NUS AS8

VDSP-2012R-CEX 530x600.jpg

Hario V60 Brewing Starter Kit +

- Red V60 Dripper Size 01

- Classy Glass Decanter

- Filter Paper

- Measuring Spoon

Mystery Coffee

- Whole Beans / Ground Coffee

You will receive:

Workshop FAQs

What are the workshop fees for this online workshop?

$89/pax, which is inclusive of delivery of Hario V60 Brewing Starter Kit and one complimentary bag of mystery coffee.

Where will the workshop be held at?

This is an Online Workshop conducted over Zoom. We recommend participants to prepare ample space for the hands-on brewing segment!

How long will the workshop be?

1.5 Hours

Who will be conducting the workshop?

Our founder and award-winning barista, Mr Ang Swee Heng, will be conducting the workshop!

What do I need to prepare?

For the Hands-on Brewing segment, you will be receiving a Hario V60 Brewing Starter Kit and a bag of mystery coffee to you prior to the workshop. You need to prepare: 1. Hot Water Source (e.g. Kettle, Thermos) - off-boil is ideal 2. Weighing Scale 3. Any pitcher, decanter to pour hot water from

What Others Say

(The trainer) was extremely accommodating, patient and attentive to details while keeping the session light-hearted for the participants who had a great time"

—  Michelle Tang

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