Barista Coaching

Home-based Barista Coaching

Customised Personal Coaching for the Home Barista

Do you own an espresso machine or a brewing device at home? Do you wish you could get the most out of your home coffee bar and start making lattes and espressos of cafe quality?

Introducing TCR Home-Based Barista Coaching. Think of it as customised coaching for the home barista. You get to deep-dive in the journey of coffee-making in the comforts of your home, with your own coffee-making set-up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the fees for Home-Based Barista Coaching?

Fees for TCR Home-based Barista Workshop will be $199 for 90 minutes. We will allow a maximum of 2 pax to join the class.

This does not include the material costs, including but not limited to coffee beans, milk, filter paper and cups.

Participants are expected to have a basic espresso machine set-up or a brewing device to conduct the session. For espresso machine set-ups, mandatory tools (apart from the machine and grinder) include Tamper, Tamping Mat, weighing scale and a set of cloths. If you have a distribution tool, that would be even better! Materials can be purchased from the instructor separately.

Where will the coaching sessions be held at?

It will be held at your house/office, using your espresso machine or coffee brewing set-up.

What are the payment methods?

We accept: 1. Bank Transfer (details to be furnished upon course confirmation) 2. Cash (need to be made at least a week prior in person) 3. Paynow

What will be covered in the coaching sessions?

This is a customised coaching session, so there will not be a fixed programme that we run.

However, if you would like some suggestions to make your home-based workshop sessions more fruitful, do consider these topics:

- Coffee Knowledge (topics including Coffee Species, Coffee Belt, Café Menu)

- Fundamental Barista Skills (Espresso Extraction & Milk Frothing)

- Basic Latte Art (for beginners with minimal experience to achieve a heart shape design)

- Intermediate Latte Art (practice on heart, tulips and rosetta designs)

- Advanced Latte Art (technical training on combination latte art such as swan, seahorse, etc)

- Basic Coffee Brewing with V60 Pourover

Who will be conducting the coaching?

Our award-winning team of baristas, headed by Mr Ang Swee Heng, will be conducting the coaching just for you!

How can I register for the class?

Simply drop us an email at thecoffeeroaster@live.com or drop us a message at 91820798!


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