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The Coffee Roaster is founded with a mission to deliver positive energy and nourishment to anyone whom we are privileged to serve. Located at the heart of the bustling AS8 building in National University of Singapore, we take great pride in delivering quality food and beverages through thoughtful and speedy service. 


Our coffee philosophy is anchored on the belief that quality coffee should be accessible and affordable to everyone. Each cup of coffee, prepared with our exclusive house-blend from Guatemala, Sumatra and Brazil, is carefully handcrafted by our baristas. 


At TCR, we believe it is essential for every meal to be nutritious and balanced. Our wide range of mains and pastries are meticulously prepared to ensure high quality. Through offering healthier options, we hope to make a positive difference in the nutrition of our customers.


We believe strongly in community engagement. Our passion to share the joy of handcrafting coffee forms a key motivation in the design of our workshops. In addition, we are proud sponsors of charitable events and student activities, so don't hesitate to drop us a message to discuss more!

Founding Team

The Coffee Roaster is founded by the mother-and-son team of Joreen and Swee Heng. Joreen is the pastry chef behind the wide variety of delicious cakes, brownies and puffs, while Swee Heng is the mastermind of TCR’s signature coffee. Do say hi when you see them around!

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