Bar Practice Sessions

"Practice doesn't make perfect. But it does make progress." 

Bar Practice Sessions are suitable for:

  • Home Baristas looking to practice the craft of coffee in a commercial espresso bar setting

  • Coffee Enthusiasts without an espresso machine to practice at home

  • Coffee-trained individuals (e.g. Graduates of Basic Barista Course, former baristas) looking to refresh and sharpen your coffee-crafting skills

Prerequisite: Individuals signing up for Bar Practice Sessions should possess fundamental barista skills.                 

*This is by no means a full barista course. If you’re looking to learn basic barista skills, we recommend TCR Basic Barista Course.

- Espresso Extraction Theory 

- Calibration of Grinder & Machine 

- Free Practice Session 

- Theory & Practical Assessment 

Our Equipment & Amenities 

1. Espresso Machine (Commercial, Dual Grouphead) - La Spaziale S5

2. Coffee Grinder (Commercial, On Demand) - Casadio

3. Barista Set of Cloths - Coffee Cloth, Milk Cloth, Table Cloth, Drying Cloth

4. Pitchers (350ml & 600ml) - Cafe De Tiamo

5. Tamper, Tamping Mat, Knockbox

6. Ceramic Cups (200ml) - limited to usage of 4 pc per participant

Basin & Sink situated beside Espresso Machine for easy rinsing and washing.

No beans? We've got you covered!

We provide a 200g pack of Medium Roast Whole Coffee Beans + 2x 2L Meiji Full-Cream Fresh Milk per participant per session (retail value of $27). This is sufficient for a practice session of 20 cups!

So don’t worry about having to bring in coffee and milk or having to lug them home after each session. Just come in with a passion for coffee crafting and leave the rest to us!

Package Fees

Single Session - $98

Package of 3 Sessions - $268

Package of 5 Sessions - $398

*Inclusive of:

- 200g Medium Roast Whole Coffee Beans

- 2x 2L Meiji Full-Cream Fresh Milk

(per participant per session)

**Inclusive of post-session equipment and accessories cleaning services



In line with our course coaching philosophy, we encourage photography and videography for timely analysis in order to achieve the best learning outcomes and maximise the progress for that session.

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Locations & Operating Hours

TCR Cafe & Academy

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Mondays to Sundays: 9.30am - 6.00pm

Closed on Wednesdays

+65 9182 0798 (Workshop Enquiries)

+65 8661 1035 (Upper Thomson Cafe)


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